Beginner’s Guide to Buying Modafinil Online in 2022

We have the best online pharmacies and trusted suppliers of certified medicines and other health products. We employ the best pharmacists who are well-trained and constantly develop in this industry. They are always ready to advise on any issue and help in choosing drugs. Moreover, our affordable prices on Modafinil may surprise you.

Rite Aid Pharmacy
Address: 1698 Pulaski Hwy, Bear, DE 19701, United States | Phone: (302) 836-1004 | Website:

It’s where everyone goes, so it’s always crowded with a 20-30 minute wait. If you need, want, or are starting a new script, they have a consultant who can talk to you about it. They are friendly even though they deal with 100’s of people every day.

Rite Aid Pharmacy is the absolute WORST pharmacy. People are friendly, but there is always a problem. Received text – RX was ready. Go drop off other scripts and get a text to update ins… ins have not changed since I picked up the last script. Go in. Ins won’t cover Provigil’s RX, not their fault, tell clerk will pay cash, she says, have a seat, we’ll get it ready. I pitched a fit, asked why I received a text that Rx was ready. Other scripts were to be ready in about 1 hr… still waiting. I don’t get RX’s for the fun of it. I would instead go to f****** Walmart. I will be transferring scripts elsewhere.

Crofton Pharmacy
Address: 484 Bear Christiana Rd Unit# 6, Bear, DE 19701, United States | Phone: (302) 663-1244 | Website:

I’m amazed and pleased about this Crofton Pharmacy, and I recommend it to others. Why? I get my Provigil same time and the same day. Even at midnight, they have delivery service too. Even the pharmacist tech himself has a gift from GOD. Amazing man he is. God bless this company.

75 year old and was denied a booster shot for the Covid 19 vaccine. The pharmacist all told me the Covid Vaccine shot doesn’t work and don’t bother getting it, and they refused me. I didn’t know Crofton Pharmacy pushed politics and other social issues. I also know of 8 other people over the age of 65 that was turned down at this location. An INVESTIGATION needs to be done at this location to see the real issue and why they do not want to administer the booster shot.

Willey Pharmacy
Address: 3625 Wrangle Hill Rd, Bear, DE 19701, United States | Phone: (302) 353-1050 | Website:

I went here for my Covid booster, and the pharmacist and staff were fantastic! It is a sweet, small and simple store that provides outstanding customer service with kindness and professionalism. I would highly recommend Willey Pharmacy.

3rd month in a row, I couldn’t get Modafinil the day I needed it because of their 28day calculation, which in reality it had been 29, which they admitted after the fact, so not only didn’t fill it for me, sleepless night and missed next day of work the pharmacist tries to browbeat me over the scripts I’ve had this month. Sorry, pal, you’re the pharmacist, not a Dr., so stay in your lane and quit being a lil jerk. I seriously want the young caucasian with glasses to get some people skills training and re-train what his job actually is.

ACME Markets
Address: 146 Fox Hunt Dr, Bear, DE 19701, United States | Phone: (302) 836-9380 | Website:

Honestly, they deserve more than just five stars. Hands down, the best pharmacy I have ever used. They cut the price of my Modafinil by more than a half and delivered them straight to my house. They stay on top of my refills better than I do, and they contact me almost every month to see what I need. I used to hate dealing with trying to get my refills done every month, and now it takes practically zero effort on my part.

It’s not great. Our doctor accidentally sent our most recent prescription here, and it just reminded me how bad the service and communication could be. My wife just went in (rushing over in the middle of her lunch break) to pick up our daughter’s prescription refill. They saw her coming in, closed the window, and said they would re-open at 2… We won’t be able to get back there today until probably after they close for the night. And she drove 10 minutes to Walmart now for absolutely no reason and will be late getting back. So, that’s very annoying. If someone walks up, you have time to help. Grabbing that prescription would have taken 2 minutes tops. I know breaks, lunches, etc… have to happen, but that was unnecessary and detrimental to us trying to get meds to our 3-year-old. We will give ACME Markets as much of our business as we can because of moments like these.